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Custom  PokéPrayer Candle

Custom PokéPrayer Candle

This is a custom item made just for you, based on your needs!  You have the options to choose your Pokémon, its "job", the candle color, and more!


A PokéPrayer Candle is a 7-day prayer candle that summons the spirit of a particular Pokémon to help you with a specific goal.


This order comes with a PokéPrayer Candle infused with the energy work of your choice.  This order also comes with an instruction manual for how to use the candle, and a personalized prayer to summon your Pokémon of choice!


When you order, you will recieve a link with an order form to customize your PokéPrayer Candle.  You can choose the Pokémon, your Pokémon's nature, the goal your Pokémon is helping you accomplish, the color of your candle, and even make other special requests!  You also have the option to let The Spiritual Gym Leaders intuitively choose what you need at this time!  Fill out the order form after your place your order, and send it to to confirm your order!


Free shipping for USA only.  International shipping cost will be calculated and communicated after order form is received.  

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