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Astrological PokéParty

Astrological PokéParty


To order this service, please include the following in the comment of your order:

  • Birthdate (month, date, and year)
  • Exact time of birth (no estimations! Look at your long-form birth certificate.)
  • Location of birth (city, state, country)



This service isa detailed written report describing the six Pokémon that represent you six major placements in your natal chart: Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury, Venus, and Mars - based on what the actual sky looked like when you were born. This is your “Pokémon Party” - a group of six Pokémon you carry with you at all times!


This report includes an introduction so you can understand the basic astrology lingo used in this chart, and is designed to be comprehensible by those who know nothing about astrology!


Sachi will describe what each celestial “placement” is (example: what Venus means in your chart) and then choose a unique Pokémon that represents each of your six placements.


Each celestial placement will receive a Pokémon and an analysis explaining why this Pokémon is connected to your astrological chart, based on Sign and House. This will include cited Pokédex data and Pokémon lore, along with astrological information and data from your chart!


This report will also include your astrology natal chart that points out each individual placement with the analysis. 


All reports will use True Sidereal and Real Sky placements with the 13 Equal House system unless requested otherwise in comments of your order!


Turnaround is approximately 2-4 weeks from date of receiving birth chart information!

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